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Maryland Medicaid Transportation Program

     Contact: Market Square Office
 Phone: 410-632-0092

 Hours: Monday - Friday

            8:00am - 4:30pm









Maryland Medicaid Transportation Program (MA Transportation)

Maryland Medicaid Transportation Program (MA Transportation) transports Medicaid recipients to medically necessary local and regional appointments or Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT). Long distance transportation is also available on Mondays-Thursdays, if the participant qualifies. Program staff screen recipients for transportation to assure eligibility to provide the most efficient means of transportation available. Transportation services are provided by staff drivers as well as other community transportation providers.

MA Transportation transports Medicaid recipients to medically necessary appointments locally and to facilities outside of the tri-county area in certain circumstances.

This service is provided by the Worcester County Health Department's Community Based Services.

How to access services:

Contact the MA Transportation Office to complete a short eligibility interview over the phone. Provide staff with your appointment and the most efficient means of transportation that is available will be provided. Aside from our in-house drivers we utilize taxi services, ambulances (wheelchair and stretcher) and buses to transport clients.

To schedule transportation please contact: 410-632-0092.
Hours of operation: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Emergency Transportation
Interfaith Caregivers: 410-352-5382

Telamon Corporation
(Migrant and Seasonal farm workers only): 410-546-4604

Medical Transport
American Cancer Society (Cancer patients only): 800-227-2345

Disabled American Veterans – Auxiliary
Chapter #34 (Veterans only): 410-546-8764

SSTAP -- Specilized State Transportation
Assistance Program: 443-260-2300

Public Transportation
Ocean City Transportation Department: 410-723-1606

SHORE UP! -- Transportation Assistance Program
(transports Head Start students only): 410-749-1142

Shore Transit : 443-260-2300

State of Maryland MA Transportation Website: