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Safe Stations

At any time of day or night, or other times when the Health Department is closed, and a person struggling with substance misuse decides or gathers up the courage to ask for help, they can go to the ATLANTIC CLUB in West Ocean City, the 15th ST FIRE DEPARTMENT, in Ocean City, MD and speak to the Firefighters on duty, OR call our peer warm line at 1(844)663-7337.  If you go to the fire department, firefighters will provide a medical assessment and contact a Peer Support Specialist at the Atlantic Club.  Peer support staff work for the Worcester County Health Department and are in long term recovery.  If there is cause for concern of a medical priority, the individual will be transported to an appropriate level medical facility first.

Each individual seeking assistance will be required to drop any needles and/or paraphernalia in to a collection bin located at the fire station prior to moving through the process. 

  • If illegal substances, including any weapons are with the individuals seeking assistance, the Ocean City Police will be notified for disposal purposes only.

If the individual needs medical care first, the worker will meet the individual at the medical provider facility to start the process once the individual is medically stable.  Our Safe Station is a partnership with many counterparts.  We are committed to supporting, educating and promoting treatment for individuals and families struggling with substance use disorders.

Our Safe Station is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If our agency is closed, please go to the Atlantic Club in West Ocean City OR the 15th street Fire house.  During office hours, individuals are encouraged to use our standard facilities at WACs in West Ocean City, Berlin, and Snow Hill where we have staff who can help.  For individuals in the Pocomoke area, please call our Snow Hill office and we will make arrangements to meet you in our Pocomoke office. 

For further information, call the Worcester County Health Department during operating hours at (410)632-1100.

 Worcester County Health Department Warmline

1 (844) ONE-PEER or 1 (844) 663-7337
Worcester County Peer Support Warmline is hosted through the Worcester County Health Department.
This line is for individuals who have non-urgent substance misuse needs in Worcester County. The warm line
is maintained by Peer Recovery Specialists who are able to provide Peer Support services over the phone.