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Local Behavioral Health Authority (LBHA)

Early Intervention (EI)


     Contact: Esther Widra
 Phone: (410)629-0164

 Hours: Monday - Friday



Early Intervention (EI) 


Early Intervention (EI) is designed to serve young children, ages three to five, who demonstrate behavioral concerns that could hinder their school readiness and academic success. Our Early Intervention Consultant will assess children by completing a standardized assessment with the teacher and/or parent, as well as conduct classroom observations in the school setting.  The Consultant will work with the child's teachers and parents to review findings and provide recommendations of brief interventions and strategies.  The Early Intervention program provides education and information on early childhood development, behavioral strategies, behavioral coaching, mental health screenings, and referrals and linkage to additional supportive services within their community as needed.

The program is designed to prevent future concerns and to help young children achieve social and emotional school readiness. When a child is not emotionally ready for school, he/she may not be capable of academic success. The program's  goal is to empower children to enter Kindergarten with the social/emotional skills needed to be resilient, successful learners and reach their highest potential.


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