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Local Management Board

Local Management Boards (LMBs) are the core entities that established in each of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions to stimulate collaboration at the local level and to strengthen local services to children and families.
The Worcester County LMB’s primary role is to bring together existing resources at the local level and use them in innovative ways.  LMBs ensure implementation of localized, interagency service delivery systems for children, youth, and families.  All of this is accomplished successfully by partnering with the Government Office of Children.


The Worcester County Local Management Board envisions a caring, compassionate, inclusive community with leadership and government that fosters an environment which empowers all children, youth, and families to thrive.


The mission of the LMB is to achieve a comprehensive system of education, health and human services that effectively and responsibly addresses the needs of Worcester County children and families through public and private interagency collaboration.

Responsibilities of the Local Management Board include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop family focused community based services for children, youth, and families
  • Promote and develop community-wide collaboration
  • Plan, fund, and implement interagency services
  • Coordinate community grants and reduce or eliminate duplication of services in the county.



2023-2024 Board Members

Dr. Mark Bowen, Community Member - Chair


Jessica Sexauer, Director of Local Management Board and Local Behavioral Health Authority

Roberta Baldwin, Department of Social Services

Crystal Duffy, Department of Juvenile Services

Rebecca Jones, Worcester County Health Department

Michael Trader, Worcester County Health Department

Lou Taylor, Worcester County Board of Education

Mark Frostrom, Community Member

Amy Rothermel, Community Member

Theo Hobbs, Community Member


FY24 LMB Board of Directors and Committee Meeting Schedule

FY24 LMB Homeless Meetings Schedule

Contact Information

6040 Public Landing Rd.
Post Office Box 129
Snow Hill, Maryland 21863